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I’m confident I can help you achieve

your dream of completing your personal memoir, with grace, wit and style, something to be cherished forever.           

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been doing for much of my adult life:
  • I’m the author or coauthor of 12 books (all nonfiction), which have sold more than two million copies and been translated into a dozen languages (including Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and even Finnish.) Suffice it to say that I started writing when I was in second grade and have been writing professionally for longer than I care to mention.


  • My books have been published by National Geographic, HarperCollins, Beacon Press, Citadel, Avon, Sourcebooks, Workman, Simon & Schuster, Berkeley Books, Ballantine Books and Rodale Press.


  • I spent years writing for newspaper and magazines, and was one of the founding editors of Men’s Health magazine, now the largest men’s magazine in the world, with a circulation of 1.8 million. (I mention this simply to show that I have spent a long time learning how to capture the interest of a broad popular audience. This may well be helpful to you in writing your memoir.)


  • My latest book, “Redemption Alley” was published as a Kindle ebook and quality paperback, and after garnering more than 70 rave reviews in its first few months in print, was picked up by a major national publisher (Rodale) and will be issued in hardcover in 2015. Meanwhile, there is also a very promising movie project in the offing. (I mention this simply to say that I have also negotiated the new world of ebooks, on-demand printing and “cyber-publishing.”)


  • I'm a long-standing member of The Author's Guild and the American Society of Journalists and Authors, as well as the Association of Personal Historians. These are all organizations that help me keep abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the art of nonfiction storytelling, and especially the telling of life stories and memoirs.


  • “Anyway, you get the picture.  This is what I do, and I do it pretty well.  Or as my latest editor told me, ‘You’re an absolute pro.’  And I just want to put all of my years of experience to work helping you tell your own story in the most compelling way possible.  If we decide to work together, your story is the only one I care about.  And what I cherish more than anything are the kudos from the people I’ve been honored to work with in the past – people who enjoyed working with me in the process of creating the voice, characters, narrative structure and message of a book that other people love and remember.”​





Authors Guild

American Society of Journalists

& Authors

Assoc. of Personal Historians

"Million-Books-Sold" Club






National Geographic

Beacon Press





Simon & Schuster

Berkeley Books

Ballantine Books

Rodale Press

St. Martin's Press


2010 - present

2010 - present

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