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Will I get sole credit for the book?

Yes. I am the ghostwriter – a “ghost” – who works hard for you and then steps back while you get the applause. You probably know this, but a huge number of bestselling books by celebrities and business leaders are either wholly or partially ghostwritten. And many of these books are not just “hack” books – they’re really good. Books like John McCain’s “Faith Of My Fathers,” JFK’s “Profiles In Courage,” and even “To Kill A Mockingbird,” partially ghostwritten by Truman Capote.            

Are there any other “hidden” fees for the ghostwriter?

No.  I am paid once, for the work I do for you, and that’s it.  All the royalties and other rights (film, audio, first serial, etc.) are yours.  You own the copyright.  It’s your book. 

What exactly is included in the ghostwriter’s fee?

My fee includes all the work of researching, writing, editing, rewriting and structuring your book.  This includes all the time I spend interviewing you and anyone else who is involved with your story, or whom you feel could contribute to the narrative.  The fee does not include  travel or lodging, though this tends to be a fairly minimal amount, especially if you’re on the East coast.

How long will it take?

The project will take between six and eight months.  I want to do my very best for you, so I will make maximum use of this time.     More questions?  If you have any more questions, hit the “Contact Me” button and I’ll try to answer any further queries you may have.  Or call me.

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