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When I was younger I was a little bit embarrassed to ask for how much I felt I was worth as a writer. Not anymore. Because I now know that developing real skill as a writer and memoirist is as rare and difficult as becoming a competent trial attorney. Plenty of highly-educated people, including PhDs and MDs (in fact, especially PhDs and MDs) cannot write with skill, clarity and beauty while speaking to a popular audience. I know how to do that, and I can help you do it, too.


I’ve learned these skills through a lifetime of practice, having written book-length manuscripts many times, and having been through the entire process of creating books, up to that exhilarating moment called “publication day.”


That’s why I charge $75,000 to $100,000 for a full-length memoir. 

Your book would be 75,000 words long, which turns out to be (depending on page layout, typeface, leading and other factors) between 250 and 300 pages. That’s a great length, because it gives you room to tell your whole story in detail, without boring your audience with too much detail.


  My hope is that, once your memoir is finished,

published and you can hold it in your hands,

you’ll say - it’s the best money you ever spent!

  • Editing -- $100 an hour (I work fast!)

  • Book proposals -- $5,000 to $8,000

Contact Stefan at
or 434-466-7879
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